Northwest Sports Video

College Recruiting & Highlight Videos for soccer, lacrosse, football.... Nationwide.

Game Filming for TEams, programs, Clubs, tournaments, and showcases on the west coast.

Corporate and The Arts:  training videos, corporate messaging, and concerts

Do you want to play a varsity sport in college?  Looking for help being recruited?  Need a college recruiting video?  Need games filmed? Are you an athlete?  Coach?  Tournament?  Showcase?  Club?  Program?

Then you are in the right place.

Northwest Sports Video specializes supporting the dreams of high school athletes to play to build skills and play in college with game filmingcollege recruiting videosand other video services as shown on the sidebar (e.g., promotional videos, training videos) for players, parents, coaches, and programs.  We support most sports including soccer, lacrosse, football, basketball, ....  

Lacrosse Game Video - Elevated Camera

Sports video services are focused on supporting athletes, coaches, programs, clubs, tournaments, showcases, and corporations.  

Games filmed for coaches, programs, and clubs are recorded in HD and returned to you - typically - the same evening.  We can upload to a breakdown service (HUDL, Krossover) or transfer via a file transfer site (e.g., DropBox).  We have the gear to film from the pressbox, stands, or at field level.

Filming games for events - tournaments and showcases - are packaged and sold by Northwest Sports Video from the event sponsor's site.  Filming an event is a challenge for an organizer - let us manage it for you.  We can also film requests for individual games.

We also film for corporate events and communication.  See the portfolio for samples.

Girls Soccer Recruiting Video

College recruiting videos are provided nationwide since all communication can be through email and file sharing. Northwest Sports Video supports most sports:  lacrosse, soccer, football, basketball, ....  Geography is no barrier.  If there is video, we can work with you from any location to make a professional recruiting video.

Coaches need players.  Players need coaches.  Coaches need video.  But, first they have to know about you.  We can help!