2019 PacNW Winter Classic

Jan. 11-13, 2019: U12-U14 (2007-2005)

Jan 18-21, 2019: U11 (2008), U15-U19 (2004-2000)

The PacNW Winter Classic is fast approaching.  The tournament does not provide a game filming resource, but Northwest Sports Video is available for video services.


Games played in the stadium are filmed from the stands.  Games played on Fields 2, 3, 4, or 11 are filmed in high definition using a TowerCam positioned about 24 feet above the field to provide a quality game film from an excellent perspective.  All games are filmed in high definition using a Canon G40. The games are provided the week following the tournament and made available for your download from our Dropbox. For more information on our approach to game filming, visit the Game Filming page.  Recruiting videos are available separately.

Games are $125 each. The license allows you to share the game video among players on YOUR team. You might consider sharing the cost among your team as well.

This offer is contingent upon a minimum total number of orders in advance of the tournament and upon available resources.  We will not be filming all the games, so games must be ordered and paid for in advance.  Games that were filmed will be available at the single game price of $150 after the tournament.  Where there are conflicts in time or resources, Elite games will take precedence.

These offers are not affiliated with the PacNW Winter Classic or with Starfire Sports.

Contact us for more information and to get your games on our schedule!