2019 Summer Solstice Shootout

June 7, 8, and 9


Northwest Sports Video will be at the Summer Solstice Shootout to film your games in high quality, high definition, and tailored to your needs. Games are filmed at HD 1080p using an elevated camera about 20 feet above the field to provide quality game film with an excellent perspective, perfect for recruiting videos or coaching.

Only games scheduled in advance are filmed.  

Games are discounted for the tournament at $125 each using a Team License {1}. This offer is contingent upon a minimum total number of orders in advance of the tournament [2], so be sure to order BEFORE the tournament.  All games ordered during the tournament will be $150 each per team.  Resources are limited and Elite teams will be prioritized in the event of conflicts. Only fields 1, 2, 3, and 4 will be recorded.

Tournament Special: order all four guaranteed games in advance for only $450.

Contact us for more information.


[1]  A Team Use License allows cost and video to be shared among all members of a single team.

[2]  In the unlikely case where there are insufficient subscriptions and the offer must be withdrawn, subscribers will be refunded in full.