Our first girl's lacrosse tournament

OK, just to be clear it's our first "girl's lacrosse tournament", not our "first girl's" lacrosse tournament.  This is also our first blog.  Coincidence? Nah.

We (aka, me) spent Saturday at the Cascade Cup marketing Northwest Sports Video.  Perfect weather.  A sunny, cool day in the Northwest and I really enjoyed the day.

Girl's lacrosse in the Northwest is growing by leaps-and-bounds.  It's still two or three years behind the boy's game, but growing.  As such, the girls's tournament was smaller than the boy's tournaments we've been to lately. 

This, I think, gave it a different feel.  It felt close-knit.  Maybe it's due to the fewer number of teams right now.  They have to play each other more often, so they know each other.  It was like family reunions I've been to lately.  Maybe ten RV's parked alongside the edge, some sharing food tables, families sitting together with the "neighbors", parents clustered together and teammates playing Spike Ball!  And as a added plus, para-gliders all day!  We were at an airport.

Interesting game, too.  The rules are different enough to be confusing to a someone who has been watching the boy's game a long time.  No helmets.  Imagine!  Penalty shots.  Huh?  But it's got it's own subtleties and strategies.  I liked it.  And when the ball goes in the net, it's a still a goal! It's lacrosse, after all.

Cordial.  Community.  But competitive on the field.  As it should be. These girls were good.  Good passes.  Good stick skills.  Good D. Accurate shots. Good athletes are good athletes, and fun to watch.

Boys - better watch out!

Bill Prather