Maintaining Video Quality Across The Team

Given the large volume of game filming at Northwest Sports Video, all the filming isn't - and can't be - done by a single person.  Northwest Sports Video sets high quality standards for our videographers, and trains them to achieve those standards using guidelines, training videos, and in-person sessions so that no matter who actually films your game, the quality level is the same.

To eliminate quality variation based on equipment, we provide videographers with gear:  video equipment: cameras, tripods, monopods, etc.  Games are filmed at a resolution of 1080p.  4K resolution is an option at a higher price, but is seldom used in sports filming since file sizes are unwieldy and far exceed the resolution supported by the sports breakdown services (e.g., HUDL, Krossover). The 1080p resolution provides a higher resolution option which permits zooming-in when making a recruiting video for a player.

Our 4K cameras are frequently used in corporate assignments.

To assure that we get consistent quality, we train videographers on the camera equipment, on how we film (e.g., framing, focus, shutter speed, frame rate, exposure), and provide training on each sport as necessary. Using standard procedures and guidelines results in a crisp video eliminating motion blur, and training on standard framing for a sport provides a consistent view of what coaches need.  Sports (e.g., lacrosse, soccer, football) are framed differently due to the field size, and the strategies and tactics of each sport. 

The goal is to provide consistent, high quality film across the team so that no matter who actually films your game, the quality level is the same and the videographer is transparent to you. 

Bill PratherComment