What's in a College Recruiting Video?

College coaches want to be able to make a quick assessment of you as a player, student, and a prospect. They want to see the level of athleticism and relevant skills such as footwork, hand-eye coordination, and the basic skills for your sport and position.

The video will be 3 to 5 minutes.  Any longer than this won't be watched.  I heard a coach from Notre Dame say that they get in excess of 900 videos per year.  We are trying to get them interested in contacting you, not entertaining them on a Saturday night.  They will gauge their initial interest in this time frame or less.

We will include a one screen resume at the front and back of each video with content on Academics (GPA, SAT/ACT scores), Accolades (All Star, All State, for example), Playing History (school program, club program, contact information for your coaches), and Extra Curricular Activities (leadership, civic activities).  Academics are important. Good grades are a major selling point;  coaches start there.  Coaches want an accurate picture.

We also like to include a recommendation from your coaches in text or audio.  This is, of course, at your discretion.

Coaches are not interested in being entertained, so typically no background music.

Your video will be professional but not over done.  We will use effects when it improves the presentation of a skill (slow motion, for example), but do not use many effects apart from highlighting you in each clip in the recruiting video.  We had a coach comment one time that "cell phone video was fine, as long as it captures the athlete's skills."