Northwest Sports Video will record your games and upload the video to your site, our DropBox, or to Hudl if you are using that or a similar tool (e.g., Krossover).

We take care filming the game so you don’t have to constantly look for someone to cover the game, get consistently high quality game film, and film in 1080p so you get clear, crisp images.

Note that there are three filming styles for game film: coach, parent, and player. Coach film is zoomed further out showing almost all the players at once. Coaches like to see where every one is on the field.

Parent and player film is more often intended for college recruiting videos so the view is the tighter on the game. For “parent” film, we still show much of the field - 30 yards or so - for context but focus broadly on the action around the ball. Also, if the view is too tight then the action is to much back-and-forth. Picture watching table tennis on TV!

“Player” film is also intended for college recruiting or highlight videos, and focuses narrowly on just the player within a diameter of about 10 yards around the player.

When ordering game film, please help us give you what you need by communicating which of the options you are interested in.

I would highly recommend Northwest Sports Video’s services. They are dependable, prompt and upload our film to the review website quickly and are also very open to constructive feedback and suggestions on how to improve, or do something differently. The film I receive is an invaluable teaching tool and I value our partnership with them..
— Coach

Sample Game Films