Our Approach to College Recruiting Videos

Recruiting is what colleges do; marketing is what you do. Unless you are an All-American, you need to market yourself to college coaches.  They need you;  you need them.  But first they need to know about you.  We can help!

There are two approaches we can use to create a college recruiting video:

  1. Collaborative:  Use game video and you select the specific clips to include. You'll select more clips than necessary and we'll make the final selection to provide balance among the skills coaches are looking for. This approach saves you time and money, and assures that your best clips are included.  Typically the athlete will do the selection of clips; you will know your highlights best. Collaborating with you is our preferred approach, the least expensive and the most common.
    Cost:  $295 (about of 20 clips)

  2. Comprehensive:  Use all available game video and we select the clips.  We watch the film from every game that you have and select clips.  Contact us and we'll discuss the specifics.


Girl's Lacrosse Recruting Video


Girl's Soccer Recruiting Video