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College recruiting / highlight videos and game filming

We work with you to create a polished college recruiting soccer video for college coaches and provide game filming of high school games for parents and coaches.  We are experts at recruiting videos and at video editing.  We can help.  We can guide you.  We'll work with you to deliver your message to college coaches and position you for that college opportunity!  Contact us!

A good recruiting / highlight video is typically less than 5 minutes.  The video is about marketing yourself and creating initial interest, not closing the deal and getting the scholarship in one step. Just show 'em what you've got. Coaches will determine their initial interest in this time frame or less.  Your skill set is only part of the equation;  you have to match what they need.  We want them to be interested and contact you, or take your call.

We can help you select the right mix of highlight video clips from your available source film; then we cut the clips, and build a polished video. We'll provide the details when we connect.  See links below for more information.  We will work with you to create your vision of your video.  It's all about you what you need and want. We guarantee your satisfaction.  

We typically include a one screen resume at the front and back of each video with content on Academics (GPA, SAT/ACT scores), Accolades (e.g., All Star, All State, All American, ESPN ranking), Playing History (e.g., school program, club program, invitationals, contact information for your coaches), and Extra Curricular Activities (leadership, civic activities, outside pursuits). You want to help the coach get to know you.

For more information on the contents of a recruiting video and the process, please review the links below.


Soccer recruiting video for D1 transfer